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Norman Smith Equipment (UK) Ltd.

63 Beckingthorpe Drive, Bottesford, Nottingham, NG13 0DN

Tel:  01949 843186    Mob:  07785 394444    Fax:  01949 842082


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Harvest Services

Norman Smith Equipment (UK) Ltd. operates a Wintersteiger Nurserymaster plot combine with a cutting width of 1.25 metres. This machine is perfectly suited to small plot efficacy and selectivity trials due to its compact size, speed and cleanliness.

Transported by Land Rover and dedicated trailer, distant sites and less than ideal access are normally no problem.

Harvesting residue trials performed to GLP standards can be a problem for larger machines due to the potential for sample contamination. The simple air distribution system on the Wintersteiger ensures the minimum possible time for an uncontaminated sample to be collected.

Norman has over 30 years experience as a Wintersteiger driver/mechanic, of most combinable crops, in the UK and several other EU countries; ensuring an efficient service and minimum downtime.

The machine is available to hire, with driver, at very reasonable rates. All proposals are considered individually, so for our best quotation please contact us with more details of your requirements.